Sitemap - 2023 - The Secret Life of Sarah

I feel like sometimes we expect BIG and FIREWORKS and its just not

The Mind-fuck of Widowhood

I find myself in such a strange place in my life, a limbo, a deeply uncomfortable unknowing of what is to unfold

I WILL shine my light and help others turn theirs on.

I hope you all give yourselves full permission to be a messy human

This life is a crazy ride, first & foremost you have to understand & look after YOU

Today is Dylans 5th Birthday, and I am not ok.

We need to live and co-habitate with our feelings & emotions in a healthy way

If you need approval from others to live how you want to live, you’ve got some shit to work on

If I cant see and hear myself, validate myself & have that be ENOUGH, I will forever be chasing validation...

We must become more grief literate as a society!

Find the joy in the shit people, MAKE the joy in the shit

I do what I need to do to feel alive, to feel like I am in control of my reality

It’s a dance of this new life I get to curate for myself that was thrust upon me without choice

Who the fuck wants to be a miserable complaining, helpless victim? Not me!

The mind can be an incredible tool or a debilitating enemy on this life journey

This journey is quite clearly my path, my lessons, my karma and where my greatest power and teachings will surface

I am simply choosing to LIVE because I get the privilege of doing so,

that moment is the only moment that matters.

It is SUPER important for all of us to have safe people and spaces for us to express our personal truth freely

This is a big life lesson playing out in real time for all of us...

What is this journey teaching me?

It's a fine line between living in the depression pit of doom & the toxic positivity everything is fine denial life.

My thoughts got DARK this week.

because if I die tomorrow at least in know I did grief my way too.

I’m done with everything happens for a reason, but I truly believe there are lessons we can learn from everything that happens to us to grow.

Allowing you all to witness me in my deepest and darkest pain is NOT easy, but it feels like the right thing to do.

Its tricky experiencing this as a very independent Women, it’s humbling in many ways.

I hope ya’ll can see the lessons between the lines here

I know You're here with me

Who doesn’t want to see the inner workings of anothers personal growth journey?

It’s a mindfuck and it’s a mindfuck that does NOT need to be judged by people who have no fucking clue what its like.

A few deep breaths and a meditation are NOT enough.

The First Fathers Day without you…

It's time to rise up, as soon as we are born, we are on our way to dying...

The modern way of living just isn’t for me & – other people do NOT owe us anything. And that can be HARD to hear.

For the sake of our kids, we must normalise talking about anything and everything that is involved in being a human

Kids Feel Grief too

May you follow what feels right for you and try new things with an open heart and mind

So many feelings & Emotions with Grief & no right or wrong way to do it

I know you want me to feel the Peace that you do

The hole this has left on my heart and life is IMMENSE

I'm not here to convince anyone

There is no Timeline

While I feel such a mess, I'm very proud of myself

I have to Normalise this!

Call me a rebel, I'm claiming that shit now

I have to get some shit off my chest...

But first, I need to hold space for myself

Q and A Wednesday!

Authenticity in ALL areas.

It's my job to accept reality & work through my feelings & Emotions

Q and A Wednesday!

There's so much floating around in my head

845am on day one of my new life

Rest in Peace Dan, You are so Loved x

What to expect from me here!

It's literally each minute at a time now....

It's such a nuanced & Fucked Situation

This is our reality

I know this is alot...

A True test of Everything I have

The Unseen

Finding the Balance of Hopeful & Practical

I think this is it...

A Heavy load to Carry

Go and Die, Bye.

The Clock is Ticking

Where's the help?

Change is Coming

Shit got Dark

Letting Go

The cost of health

Feeling it All

Lolly Scrambles

Shits got hard again

No Consistency

It's never what you expect

Deep Surrender

This is our life now


Embracing Intuitive Health

Weirdest Christmas Ever


A Wave of Emotions


Catastrophising to Fuck